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You can play your casual games and participate in tournaments with friends using the BTX Bitfoxcoin Token, and become a great successful player. Use the token on the Payeplay platform, choose your game, and win more tokens. You can trade in the exchanges for other currencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, or improve your skill.

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36,153 BTX

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500,000,000 BTX

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Take advantage of the BTX Bitfoxcoin Token offer in the first stage. Only $ 0.01. Buy now in our store!

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What is BTX Bitfoxcoin?

The Official Token of Tournaments eSports Games

Millions of live users on Payeplay

BTX is a Token with great potential for appreciation that can be acquired by the investor or by a player or team that wishes to participate in tournaments. BTX is an ERC-20 (BTX) smart contract gamering Token that can be used across multiple gaming platforms to participate in casual and AAA-level gaming tournaments. Get to know Payeplay, an official platform created for Bitfoxcoin, which is already in the test phase with more than 1 million users, and almost 40 games live. Enter Payeplay now and learn more.

Know Payeplay

Roadmap to Succes

Stages of crowdfunding and tournament launch

Token Distribution Goal

The crowdfunding campaign will distribute the tokens BTX



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What can you do with Token?

You can use your token for many functions.

You can use BTX to buy features within your own game, such as clothes, weapons, skins, and even upgrade your character. Built-in BTX games can communicate, you can for example send Tokens to other friends, and switch between them. Use gamification to make this experience amazing.

Use BTX Bitfoxcoin to participate in Payeplay tournaments, track each tournament's rate, and practice before entering a tournament. Each game has its own wallet system. Buy virtual coins and play games. Collect Tokens, be the winning hero.

Use your tokens to trade on exchanges accredited by Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, or other currencies. Follow the quote of BTX Bitfoxcoin and value your token, because in tournaments it will be very valuable. Non-Token users will always buy at exchanges.

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Get your questions answered on how to store your BTX

CO seemed to float in the middle of an immense dark sphere, whose upper half was strewn with silver.CO seemed to float in the middle of an immense dark sphere, whose upper half was strewn with silver.

Once you confirm the payment, the tokens will appear in your account profile at the bitfoxcoin store. If you want you can transfer to your wallet metamask or Payeplay wallet to start playing.

Follow this video below, and see how to create your portfolio. Add the BTX address to your wallet.

If your BTXs are still in the Bitfoxcoin store, you need to request support, and your BTXs will be in your wallet in minutes. After this reaches your metamask portfolio, you can follow the steps below.

On the trading day for exchanges we will have several accredited for exchange. At the moment we are with SIngularX, already operating our token.

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